HEPNet provides valuable information about best practices at other HEIs. UI Risk shares this information with various youth-serving groups throughout our university.

-Risk Manager

It has been exciting to see HEPNet formalize its role as the leader in the field of youth protection in higher education. To see the informal network become an official organization has been thrilling!  Having access to this cadre of allied professionals has greatly improved my own work.

-Youth Protection Coordinator

HEPNet provides a powerful support network of like type minded professionals across the U.S. that constantly strive to improve business practices to protect youth and vulnerable populations that visit our campuses and conduct off-site educational outreach programs.

- Risk Specialist

As a program manager, the most valuable benefit to me is the community of people with training and skills very different from my own. Thanks to the listserv, improving compliance and training are now something I think about on a daily basis.

- Academic Program Manager

The HEPNet conference and organization as a whole has connected our university with countless resources and colleagues across the country. The learning, sharing of ideas and networking opportunities as a result of this organization has been crucial in our university’s work in developing policies and practices for the protection of minors on campus.

- Rec Sports Associate Director

My first experience with HEPNet was a four hour meeting regarding bylaws of the organization (ha!). Little did I know there was no reason for me to be involved in the meeting, yet this organization is the sole reason I am still building the Youth Safety program at my university. I went to the conference feeling as if I was pushing this unbearable amount of weight uphill, but left with a network of people who would help support me through the toughest situations. They understood my frustrations, listened to my roadblocks, and offered actionable steps to move forward. Fast forward another year, I felt the same way leaving the conference, only this time with my own confidence and advice to share. With increased involvement in this group, I’ve created a network of professionals, turned friends, who consistently remind me they are just one call away.

- Policy Coordinator